J. Goldleaf Art Business OpportunityJ. Goldleaf Art Business OpportunityText Box: J. Goldleaf, Fine Framing & Art, will offer to its customers and clients a shopping experience designed to enhance the value of the purchase. This will be accomplished by understanding the customers⥱uirements and expending extraordinary effort to meet those needs. Time and attention will be given to every customer in a generous and patient manner. Each customer will be made to feel that they are important to the company, regardless of their purchase amount. 
Text Box: J. Goldleaf products include framed artwork, custom framing services, unframed artwork,  and three-dimensional works of art. Only the finest custom framing products and materials are offered. 
The ready to hang artwork consists of high quality, limited edition and original works including serigraphs, hand pulled lithographs, etchings, engravings, etc. Customers desiring a broader selection may order products from catalogs or other sources and have them framed after receipt. 
Text Box: Our Mission
To develop a state-of-the-art enterprise that becomes the market leader in the art and framing retail space.
...to provide the resources and guidance necessary to ensure long-term success...in the art and framing sector...effectively utilizing the assets of the company to provide stable income and income growth for our owners.
We will at all times assure that our business activities have a beneficial impact on the community, society, and environment.
The utmost honesty and integrity will characterize all of our activities Text Box: Middle class and above
Male and Female
Household Income $75,000 +
Text Box: Only the highest quality products and workmanship will be provided, offered at a fair price. 
Text Box: Age thirty five to fifty five
College educated
Home owners
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